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What Is The ADHD Elimination Diet?

The ADHD elimination diet is a step by step guide that will help you identify and eliminate everything that is triggering your child’s ADD/ADHD symptoms. Once the culprits are identified you simply follow a protocol that is designed to effectively eliminate and prevent the symptom's from returning. This is not a typical elimination diet because it goes far beyond just food. Symptoms may have multiple contributing factors such as vitamin/mineral deficiency, Salicylate/food Allergy, poor gut health, synthetic food ingredients, toxic cleaning products, unsafe toiletries, and other everyday items.


"The Secret To Eliminating ADHD Naturally!"


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By following The ADHD Elimination Diet Protocol you will witness an overall improvement in your child's academics performance.


I will walk you thru what you need to eliminate and what you should add to improve your child's mental health.


Children Who following the ADHD elimination diet showed major improvements physically.


There's items in your home that your child is consuming and coming in contact with thats preventing them from developing healthy social skills.

ADHD Elimination Diet Success Stories!

Your child success story begins here! Start the Elimination Diet Today!

  • ADHD Elimination Diet

    I love this Diet! ADHD elimination diet works and has changed our lives for the better. I could recommend it to others who were searching for answers to help their children's behavior. This program is filled with real life practical advice and has tips and helpful guidance throughout.

  • ADHD Elimination Diet

    I am a non ADHD spouse living with an ADHD husband and raising an ADHD child (who are both doing great). I Just want to thank you from the bottom of my hearth, you opened my eyes and now i can see what was causing their symptoms. This program has brought calm and happiness to all of us.

  • ADHD Elimination Diet

    Thank you for all you have done for my child. I would have never imagined in a million years his transformation would come so quickly, the first week i was to able to identify and eliminate the foods and products that were causing his symptoms and by the 3rd week I developed a new shopping and eating routine. Overall I have gain tremendous amount of knowledge from this program and i will definitely recommend this program to others.Thanks again! Jenny Maguire

  • ADHD Elimination Diet

    I have to admit i had my doubts but now I'm your biggest advocate. Im so happy to say I can finally sleep at night knowing that i have the tools and knowledge to keep my daughter healthy and symptom free. It breaks my hearth knowing thats millions of parents and their kids are still suffering from ADHD. If they just know about the elimination diet!